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Beat Cancer with Care

Cancer claims millions of lives every year, and although there is discovered a cure for cancer. People often think that cancer is caused by some external bacteria, virus, or fungi but it couldn't be farther from the truth. In truth, cancer is caused by our body cells multiplying uncontrollably and taking away nutrients and oxygen from nearby healthy organs i.e. it forms a tumor.

There are many reasons why a patient may develop cancerous tumors in their body, the reasons include:

  • Regular exposure to carcinogens such as smoke, alcohol, and consuming food with unhealthy fats.
  • Having prevalent workplace hazards such as working in industrial plants or handling nuclear waste regularly.
  • Being immuno-suppressant can you make you more likely to get cancers as your immune system won't eliminate the cancer cells in its early stages.

My Care India helps all overseas patients access the best Oncological & Oncosurgical procedures to ease the decline in quality of life as well as lifespan due to oncological issues and improve the quality of life over the long term.

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Importance of Oncology & Oncosurgery

Oncology is a combination of two words- 'Onco' meaning 'bulk, mass or tumor' and 'logy' meaning 'study' is the field of internal medicine that focuses on diagnosing, treating, and monitoring cancers and tumors. There are a few types of cancer you should know about:

  • Carcinoma: This type of cancer affects organs and glands such as the lungs, breasts, pancreas, liver, and more.
  • Sarcoma: This type of tumor typically forms in the soft tissue of the body such as muscle, fat, bone, or even blood vessels.
  • Melanoma: This type of cancer pigments the skin indicating cancerous growth in the skin.
  • Lymphoma: This type of cancer affects your white blood cells i.e. your immune system.
  • Leukemia: This cancer affects red blood cells.

The oncologists who specialize in diagnosing and treating cancers and tumors through surgical methods are known as oncosurgeons, they perform oncosurgery.

My Care India is an overseas medical facilitator based in India, to help overseas patients to seek world-class cancer treatment at a fraction of the cost when compared to treatment costs in western countries.

With My Care India, every patient can access world-class Oncological & Oncosurgical treatments at cancer treatment hospitals across India.

Oncological & Oncosurgical procedures My Care India specializes in:

•Leukemia Treatment

• Breast Cancer

• Anal Cancer
• Uterus Cancer
• Stomach Cancer
• Liver Cancer
• Kidney Cancer
• Esophagus Cancer
• Bladder Cancer
• Cervical Cancer
• Colon Cancer
• Endometrial Cancer
• Oral Cancer
• Ovarian Cancer
• Papillary Thyroid Cancer
• Breast Biopsy
• Prostate Cancer
• Bone Marrow Cancer
• Lung Cancer
• Bone Cancer
• Melanoma Treatment
• Lymphoma Treatment
• Adrenocarcinoma Glandular Cancer
• Hairy Cell Leukemia Treatment