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Save your Child's Childhood

Children make up nearly 30% of the global population i.e. gargantuan 2-3 billion children in the entire world. According to data from the World Health Organization, the most common cause of death for children 5 years old include preterm birth complications, birth asphyxia, pneumonia, congenital anomalies, diarrhoea, malaria, and more.

However, due to many reasons such as regional poverty, socio-economic inequality, cultural discrimination, lack of access, or even the treatment being too expensive- most children in underdeveloped and developing countries are left without pediatric care specialists and most importantly, pediatric emergency care. Tens of thousands, if not millions of children perish every year due to a lack of pediatric emergency care as well as a chronic shortage of clean food, water, and pediatric care specialists.

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Pediatric Care and Surgery

In any pediatric emergency care ward, there needs to be absolute care by the pediatric care specialists in how a child is treated due to children's bodies being underdeveloped. Here are some broad risks that pediatric care specialists have to face while treating a child patient:

  • Hypoxia
  • Pulmonary Oedema
  • Altered Mental State
  • Cardiovascular Instability and more

A child's health is a very delicate system that's still in development- meaning that any healthcare or surgical procedures conducted need to account for many factors related to the child. Some of those factors that pediatric care specialists in pediatric emergency care facilities need to watch out for:

  • Age of the patient
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Body-Mass Index and more

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Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

There are plenty of other risks that pediatric cardiac surgeons have to face, including but not limited to the use of anesthesia, IV medication, post-operative injuries, making the patient understand the nature of their treatment and medical suggestions to be followed, and more.

Pediatric Procedures My Care India specializes in

  • Childhood cardiac problems
  • Juvenile cardiac malfunction
  • Adolescent Idiopathic
  • Scoliosis Treatment