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What is Kidney Transplant?

A kidney transplant is a procedure in which your child's failing kidneys are replaced by a healthy kidney from someone else. The kidney might come from a live donor who has a connection or is unrelated, or it can come from an expired organ donor. At My Care India, we are the best pediatric nephrologists in India.

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Pre-transplant analysis

There will be an evaluation procedure that your child must go through. The examination will provide a comprehensive picture of your child's general health and aid in deciding if kidney transplantation is the best course of action. We provide top pediatric transplants in Delhi.

Pre-transplant evaluations are often completed as outpatient procedures and are organized by our transplant office. Please check the following before the assessment:

  • A copy of your child's immunization records is in your possession. Consult your child's primary care physician about getting any further immunizations that may be required

  • Within the past 12 months, your child has gone to the dentist

  • Within the past year, your youngster has seen an ophthalmologist or optician

  • Your child has recently had a TB test by their primary care physician

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Your child will go through blood tissue type and cross matching as part of the examination (we need this data to find your child a suitable kidney). Your kid may also receive further examinations with different groups at MCI, including urology, cardiology, pulmonary, and orthopedics, based on what the transplant team chooses during or after the family session.

The hunt for a replacement kidney will start if the team decides your child will benefit from a kidney transplant. A living or deceased person can provide a kidney. Dr. Prashanth Jain and Dr. Gaurav Agrawal are the best pediatric nephrologist doctors in India.

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