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Best Hospital for Lung Transplant in India

Lungs are one of the important organs in our body, similar in importance to the heart, blood, and brain. The lungs or the respiratory system are responsible for the effective delivery of oxygen to our bloodstream via intra-organ capillaries.

The respiratory system is not only responsible for breathing, but has several important functions, they are:

  • Gas Exchange: Our lungs help us transport useful oxygen to our blood and harmful carbon dioxide out of our bodies.

  • Producing Sounds: Healthy lungs can control the flow rate of gases and our vocal cords can modulate it.

  • Immunity: Our air passage and lungs contain many hair-like structures which filter dust, bacteria, and virus from entering the air-sacs inside our lungs.

  • Maintains Blood Acidity: Excess carbon dioxide acidifies the blood which can become lethal, lungs help us exhale carbon dioxide faster which helps maintains blood pH levels.

  • Olfactory Function: The respiratory system helps us inhale, detect and recognize distinct smells.

Best Hospital for Lung Transplant in India

Does life expectancy increase after a lung transplant?

The life expectancy of individuals receiving lung transplants increases after the transplant and post-operative medical care. The success rate of lung transplants and the average lifespan of critical-case patients has been increased through medical advancements made in the past 20 years.

How does life look after a lung transplant?

Patients with late-stage lung diseases are blessed with a second chance at life after a successful lung transplant. However, there are several precautions to take after the transplant.

  • Follow-ups: Patients are advised to go on follow-up visits with their doctors to monitor progress, signs of organ rejection, and infections.

  • Lifestyle: After a successful lung transplant in India, it's important that the patient quits any lifestyle habits that may cause the transplanted organ to fail such as drinking and smoking.

How much does a Lung Transplant surgery cost in India? How much does a Lung Transplant surgery cost in the USA?

Lung transplants in India might cost anything between $15,000 to $30,000 lakhs depending upon the type of lung transplant needed. This includes the examination before the surgery, the actual surgery, and the recuperation time following the transplant.

However, in the USA, lung transplants can cost anywhere between $929,000 to well over $2,600,000!

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