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The soft, spongy substance found in bones' medullary cavities (centers) is bone marrow. Healthy bone marrow is an important element of the body because it includes stem cells that generate blood cells and immune system cells. My Care India helps to get the best bone marrow doctor in India. Bone marrow stem cells can differentiate into various cells, each with its critical role in the body. Bone marrow stem cells can differentiate into various cells, each with its critical role in the body.

What is the function of bone marrow?

The function of bone marrow is to generate various types of cells essential to life. Human bone marrow is classified into two types: Red bone marrow and Yellow bone marrow.

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Red bone marrow- The medullary cavity of flat bones like the sternum and pelvic girdle contains the majority of red bone marrow. Hematopoietic stem cells, which create blood cells, are found in this kind of bone marrow. Hematopoietic stem cells can differentiate into three distinct kinds of blood cells, each of which serves a crucial job in keeping a person living and vibrant. For the better treatment of bone marrow we, at My Care India can provide the best bone marrow doctor in India. The three types of blood cells produced by progenitor cells in red bone marrow are as follows:

  • Red blood cells- Circulate oxygen around the body.
  • White blood cells- Aid in the fight against diseases within the body.
  • Platelets- Helping blood clot after an injury can help avoid extensive bleeding.

Yellow bone marrow- Yellow bone marrow is the following form of bone marrow found in the body, and it derives its name from the large concentration of fat cells that appear yellow. This form of bone marrow can be observed in the medullary cavity of long bones and is frequently bordered by an outermost layer of red bone marrow. Yellow bone marrow includes mesenchymal stem cells (marrow stromal cells), which are responsible for the production of cartilage, fat, and bone. Yellow bone marrow also aids in preserving fat in cells known as adipocytes. This helps ensure the proper environment and gives the nutrition that bones require for proper development.

Why would you require a bone marrow transplant?

A variety of factors can harm bone marrow's health and reduce its capacity to create an average amount of healthy cells. In certain cases, a bone marrow transplant, whereby healthy bone marrow is delivered to a patient through a central line, may be required. Patients with bone marrow diseases, such as leukemia, aplastic anemia, or hereditary illnesses, might need an allogeneic blood or bone marrow transplant. Patients with lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and certain other cancers might need an autologous blood or bone marrow transplant, whereby the patient acts as the donor. Our staff at Moffitt can assist you in determining which type of transplant is appropriate for you.


The significance of a bone marrow doctor in India cannot be emphasized. Their unwavering commitment to expanding medical knowledge, identifying complicated illnesses, and delivering compassionate treatment to hematological patients is admirable. With a thorough understanding of bone marrow problems, these specialists perform an important role in the healthcare system, providing hope and healing to patients suffering from catastrophic illnesses. Bone marrow doctors make major contributions to improving results and boosting the standard of life for their patients as they manage the complexities of transplantation, therapy, and study.