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Best Shoulder Replacement Surgery in India

Out of anywhere in India, my care India accesses all the problems of orthopaedic patients, which we deal with hassle-free and make them pain-free. Our mission is to provide all types of facilities for shoulder replacement surgery that occurs in the interests of the well-being of the elderly. When they feel active in daily life and pain-free for any challenge that comes their way, they can handle it with happiness and stress-free by taking our excellent orthopaedic treatments.

Surgery on the shoulder is often a low-risk operation. Due mostly to developments in technology, surgical methods, and training, significant side effects are uncommon. Research reveals that only 1.6% of elderly individuals had at least one negative outcome, and 0.2% of those required readmission. We have best shoulder replacement surgeon in India.

Best Shoulder Replacement Surgery in India

What we do for betterment of our patients

We come up with the best medical facilities and technology that connect all the patients in one chain. Our shoulder replacement surgery gives the fastest recovery from the pain and holds the trust onto them. However, we never want to break your sparkling dream of being healthy and fit.

Our patients cherish the moment when we connect with them during their treatment time. Our mission is not to stay at one point; we move according to the requirements of our patients. Shoulder fracture surgery cost in India is not higher than international market; our best doctors are always available in one call, so join us with faith which follows your well-being to reduce your risk. Can’t we go beyond your imagination to hold you in our arms with all the possibilities? The answer is yes; our innovative and hardworking team will be your side just to take care of your problems with personal touch.

Reverse shoulder replacement cost in India is approximately 200000 lakhs for one shoulder; two reverse shoulders almost cost between 300000 and 465000 rupees.

Now that we are the leaders of the orthopaedic department, we have cured more than 100,000 patients with the help of our expert surgeons in the department of shoulder replacement surgery. Arthroscopic repair with a risk factor of less than 0.02% has occurred.