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International Air Ambulance Services

An adverse health event can happen at any time and the best treatment without delay or quality compromise is the priority. A prompt, fast-responding, and fully-equipment emergency air ambulance services can prevent many lives from being lost due to a lack of urgent and quality care. However, many families of patients are unable to afford air ambulance costs in Western regions like North America, Europe, and Australia. Additionally, the industry of international medical flights is expected to grow from $5.79 billion in 2022 to $10.30 billion in 2029, with India as one of the central hubs expected to grow rapidly.

International Air Ambulance Services

International Medical Flights

International medical flights operators cater to patients in emergency situations where even a minute of unnecessary delay can lead to a loss of life as well as emergency air ambulance services can also cater to near-terminally ill patients such as stage 3 cancer patients or comatose patients. With My Care India and its world-class emergency air ambulance services, patients can avail many great benefits at the time when it really counts. Some of our emergency air ambulance services and benefits include:

  • Shorter patient transport duration
  • Less risk of en-route accidents
  • On-board medical equipment
  • Trained air ambulance pilots
  • Qualified on-board paramedical staff

There are many factors that can influence air ambulance costs, some of them include:

  • Condition of the patient: Patients in very critical, unwell, or injured condition may affect air ambulance costs.

  • On-board equipment: Many times patients in very serious conditions or injured conditions, may need emergency paramedical treatment while in transit, which may affect air ambulance costs.

  • Distance to Patient: Patients in remote locations are difficult or time-taking to reach easily, and it may affect air ambulance costs.

  • Distance to Hospital: Air ambulances are incredibly fast, however they also use high-cost materials to be this effective, which may affect air ambulance costs.

  • Helipad: In the absence of a helipad on the roof of the hospital, air ambulances may land at the nearest airport, mandating the requirement for a ground ambulance, which may affect air ambulance costs.

Emergency Air Ambulance Services

My Care India is one of the best medical tourism or overseas medical facilitation companies in India and is always updating and upgrading to serve the most amount of patients with the best quality of treatments. The ever-growing industry of international medical flights has to keep in mind many factors to ensure that every patient can get world-class emergency air ambulance services.