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Oculoplastic Surgery Doctors in India

Eyes are one of the most important parts of a person's life, in fact, 96% of all animal species that exist today have 'eyes' in some form or the other. The first eyes in the history of Earth appeared only 541 million years ago out of the 4.5 billion years that the Earth has existed. Since the dawn of humanity, humans have used their eyes for thousands of purposes- from hunting for prey to foraging for edible plants to having sexual & reproductive purposes to aiding in problem-solving tasks of the modern world.

In the 21st century, we lead very different lives from what our first ancestors used to live 20,000-30,000 years & that has come with a cost. Due to modern society's changing psychological perceptions, unhealthy diets, congenital illnesses, and unexpected injuries, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people undergo oculoplasty surgeries every year.

Oculoplastic Surgery Doctors in India

What are Oculoplasty Surgeries?

Oculoplasty surgeries refer to surgical procedures to fix medical or cosmetic problems around the eyes. These problems around the eyes can be due to many different kinds of reasons, they include:

  • Droopy upper eyelids i.e. Ptosis
  • Inward eyelids i.e. Entropion
  • Outward eyelids i.e. Ectropion
  • Skin cancer around the eyes
  • Weakness around the eyes due to Bell Palsy
  • Tear duct blockage

Conditions like these or injuries around the eyes can necessitate you to get oculoplasty surgeries as soon as possible. However, in most cases, oculoplasty surgeries are often not covered under the Medicare and Medicaid Act of 1965 in the United States of America or the National Health Service of the United Kingdom. While many underdeveloped nations may not have the access to good & affordable oculoplasty surgeries in their home nations.

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